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Sensible World of Soccer Fork

In 1995 Amiga's owners (only...) could play the first masterpiece: Sensible World of Soccer (SWOS).
The new game's features were the same not so good graphics, "bird fly" camera, the same brilliant and thrilling gameplay a bit upgraded and a huge database of national and club teams, covering about 12000 players!
The game ruled the soccer videogames market for Amiga, but PC users had to play Sensible Soccer yet. Their wait as long an year.
In fact on Novembre 1995, Swos 95-96 was for PC too, with the same features of Amiga's one and also videos and musics.
The next year Sensible Software produced SWOS 96-97, that was more a database update than a real new game, indeed we can say that some new features were added, like national teams career.
Swos died in this status, because, perhaps corrupted by 3D engines and Fifa series. Sensible Software tried to continue the serie with a new partially 3D version: Swos 98.
It appeared as an unfinished game and almost nobody liked it.


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